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What are the benefits of working for USSI?

We've already told you how great we are. We've already told you why you should apply. And we've already told you about our sports camps. But what benefits do you get from working for USSI, despite the best summer or your life and being paid to coach in the US, of course!

  • We give you the opportunity to coach abroad for two months. That looks great on your CV. Trust us!
  • We train you in all of our 16+ sports. That's a lot of knowledge to take back with you to your degree or job.
  • Your accommodation, transport and petrol are all provided for you, by us.
  • You get a weekly wage throughout the summer, not just a one-off payment at the end of your time in the US.
  • You have zero bills or rent to pay. You just need to buy your food to eat and drink to drink!
  • We provide medical insurance for you.
  • We make the visa process hassle free.
  • We give you free coaching apparel worth over $100, which you can keep. Forever.
  • We offer soccer, tennis, golf and lacrosse specialist camps for specialist coaches.
  • We give you the option of where you want to be placed in one of our staff accommodations up and down the East Coast.
  • That means you are close to one of either Philadelphia, Boston or New York City. That's pretty cool.
  • You live with other coaches, and will create great friendships which last a lifetime. That may sound sickly sweet, but it's true!
  • You know exactly what you will be doing, where you will be working, and who you will be living with.
  • You won't be sent to the middle of South Dakota to teach children cross-stitch. No offense to South Dakota of course. Or cross-stitch.
  • There are no log cabins. No putting kids to bed. No waking kids up. No brushing their teeth. No giving them their dinner. You just have to do all that for yourself!
  • Saturdays are your time to escape and have some fun.
  • In your free time you can watch live sport, visit the city, go to the beach, experience Six Flags amusement park, or visit some of the largest and most notable malls in the country.
  • You can travel the USA for up to 30 days after you finish working with USSI, so your summer doesn't have to end just because our camps do.
  • We offer even better benefits for coaches who come back summer after summer.
  • We also have opportunities for longer term coaching roles.


If you want to apply for one of our remaining summer jobs, then click here.

If you have any other questions, then feel free to visit our FAQ pages!