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Backyard Sports Programs

Sports Squirts

Sports Squirts® Programs

The US Sports Institute's Squirts programs are designed to introduce children aged 2-8 to a variety of sports in a safe and structured environment. All games and activities will encompass hand-eye coordination, balance, agility and movement – all key factors to the early development of children in sport.

In addition to having a great time playing sports, children will develop social interaction and communication skills. All sports are developed through a series of games and activities designed to ensure learning and most importantly: fun, fun, fun!

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3 Levels of Instruction:

Sports Squirts' three program levels are designed to introduce young children to sports and offer a development pathway through their early years. The progressive curricula for each level will gradually introduce children to each different sport in a way that maximizes fun and learning.

Parent & Me Squirts | Ages 2-3
A fun introduction to sports through discovery and educational games with help from Mom or Dad.

Squirts | Ages 3-5
Often imitated, never duplicated. The ultimate introduction to sports. Players will develop skills through fun games and scrimmages.

Senior Squirts | Ages 5-8
Continue your child's development in sport with an emphasis on fundamental skills, scrimmaging and an introduction to game tactics.

Additional options available for ages 5+.

9 Sports to choose from:

With nine different program options, we have something to suit every child!

Multi Sports Squirts
A rounded sports experience featuring Soccer, Lacrosse, T-Ball and more!
Parent & Me, Ages 2-3 | Squirts, Ages 3-5 | Senior Squirts, Ages 5-8

Soccer Squirts
Participants will focus on the fundamental skills of soccer such as dribbling, passing, shooting, and defending.
Parent & Me, Ages 2-3 | Squirts, Ages 3-5 | Senior Squirts, Ages 5-8

Tennis Squirts
Following USTA guidelines, this is a great introduction to all of the key aspects of tennis. 
Squirts, Ages 3-5

T-Ball Squirts
Players will develop their skills in batting, throwing and fielding, and apply them to a t-ball scrimmage.
Parent & Me, Ages 2-3 | Squirts, Ages 3-5 | Senior Squirts, Ages 5-8

Basketball Squirts
A fun and exciting introduction to the basics of basketball using age-appropriate equipment.
Squirts, Ages 4-5 | Senior Squirts, Ages 5-8

Golf Squirts
Using the SNAG (Starting New at Golf) system, players develop their chipping, putting, and driving techniques.
Squirts, Ages 4-5 | Senior Squirts, Ages 5-8

Lacrosse Squirts
Particpants will learn and develop their technique in cradling, scooping, passing, and catching.
Squirts, Ages 3-5 | Senior Squirts, Ages 5-8

Track & Field Squirts
Focusing on kinetic development, players will have fun running, jumping, and throwing.
Squirts, Ages 3-5 | Senior Squirts, Ages 5-8

Flag Football Squirts
Players will have fun throwing, deflagging, and scoring touchdowns through a series of fun games and activities.
Squirts, Ages 3-5 | Senior Squirts, Ages 5-8