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Backyard Sports Programs

Summer Sports Camps

About the US Sports Institute

The US Sports Institute has been providing sports camps and year-round sports programs to communities for over 10 years, working with over 500 organizations in the USA. These organizations include Recreation Departments, YMCA's, JCC's, Girl Scouts, School Districts & a variety of other private organizations that require quality sports provision.

USSI has the knowledge, infrastructure and flexibility to work with any organization looking to provide sports programming for their community.

The USSI Mission Statement

US Sports Institute is at the forefront of providing quality sports camps and programs, working with community based organizations across America. We enable each camper to grow in an atmosphere that promotes integrity, self-esteem, positive values and good sportsmanship.  We are dedicated to delivering quality programs, where children will not only have great fun but also learn that "character really counts!"

USSI Program Aims

For some children sports can be a little intimidating, while for others the sports field is where they are most confident and happy. Our priority is to ensure every child is made to feel unique and valued. A USSI program is about gaining self-confidence and social skills through sports and activities that encourage and inspire. Perhaps your child is a future gold medal winner, or perhaps it’s the taking part that counts, whatever their aim is in sport, US Sports Institute is committed to helping them reach their potential.

Regardless of the camp or class selected, you can be certain that each child will grow in an atmosphere that promotes integrity, self-esteem, positive values and good sportsmanship. At the US Sports Institute, staff are dedicated to delivering quality camps and classes where your child will not only have fun, but also develop in their chosen sporting area and learn that: "character really counts!"

Year Round Sports Programs

USSI offers an abundance of year round sport programs in the spring, fall and winter to cater for players of all ages and ability levels, in a large range of sports. 

From Sports Squirts to one-on-one tennis lessons, USSI has a great history in providing sports camps and classes all year round. Whether your child is 2 or 14, we have a program which will suit you - come rain, snow or shine.

Summer Camps

USSI offers an unmatched choice of quality summer sports camps that we have a camp for every child. Summer Camps are open to boys and girls aged 2-14 of all ability levels.

At a USSI summer camp your children will love trying lots of different sports. Our aim is to inspire and motivate the so that sports is enjoyable and rewarding whatever their ability.