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Backyard Sports Programs

Senior Track & Field Squirts

Track & Field - Senior Squirts®

USSI's Track & Field - Senior Squirts is a great way to introduce your young athlete to the sport or the perfect stepping stone for athletes who have graduated USSI's Track & Field Squirts program.

Focusing on running, jumping and throwing, our progressive track & field curriculum enables each player to develop their skills and understanding of balance, muscle control and kinetic development. All track & field events are learned through a series of fun games and activities designed to reinforce movement and coordination skills while incorporating competitive situations.

All Senior Squirts curricula create an environment which allows players to develop and progress within the sport.


Additional Options:
Track & Field - Squirts | ages 3-5


Track & Field - Senior Squirts Details

When: Spring, Summer & Fall
Age: 5-8
Ability: Introduction, Foundation
Duration: Weekly classes and week long summer camps
Times: Typically 1 hour sessions
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Other: All equipment is provided.
Each player will receive a certificate

Track & Field - Senior Squirts Checklist

  • Hand/Eye Coordination
  • Movement & Balance
  • Running
  • Jumping
  • Throwing