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Backyard Sports Programs

About Our Staff

Summer Sports Camps

US Sports Institute employs the most experienced, dynamic and diverse coaching and management staff of any sports camps provider.  

Our tried and tested policy is to provide professional sports educators to deliver all of our programs.  We hand pick the best coaches from thousands of applicants each year.

Our dedication to quality is second to none, this year alone we have had over 3,000 applications. Outstanding applicants are selected for their experience and qualifications as well as their high energy levels.  A USSI coach will inspire, motivate and encourage all children on all programs.

In order to be a part of the USSI team our staff have undergone a rigorous recruitment process including on-field coaching assessments and in-depth off field interviews. Successful applicants then undergo extensive background and reference checks, followed by a thorough company orientation to ensure that only the best of the best are selected to represent USSI.

Not only do we have a vast and professional coaching team, we also have a dedicated office set-up full of skilled individuals who are adept at providing resources, customer support and innovative ideas. The focus here is on a supportive learning environment that matches the energy and enthusiasm you will see from our coaches on the field. Our commitment to coaching is of the highest order, so much so that most of our office staff have coaching backgrounds and also coach with USSI alongside their administrative duties.

Our staff  typically originate from the both the United States and Europe. All come with a variety of specialist qualifications, backgrounds and have at least 2 years coaching experience. All staff are subject to the appropriate background checks. USSI employs both male and female staff who remain subject to constant staff training, development and evaluation during their time with the company.



2. Orientation

Orientation Process

Prior to starting our programs and camps, our coaches are put through an extensive orientation lasting more than 40 hours.. All of our coaches come from a strong background in teaching, education or coaching and our orientation ensures our coaches are fully prepared to maintain the high standards that we strive for on every USSI program. The orientation consists of modules of varying length and includes the following topics:

  • Child protection & safety.
  • Class/camp administration & safety.    
  • First Aid and CPR.
  • How children learn.
  • Planning appropriate sessions.
  • How to run a successful USSI camp.
  • Camp coordinators.
  • Camp curriculums.                
  • Practical instruction.
  • Coach evaluations.
  • Traits of a great USSI coach.
  • USSI core values.                                         
  • USSI standard operating procedures.


Ongoing Evaluation and Personal Development

Once a staff has been hired they are continually evaluated to ensure that their performance on the field is up to the standard required by USSI and the clients that we work with. In addition to evaluations, USSI runs ongoing staff training programs to ensure that our staff remain current and are striving to constantly improve their knowledge base and on-field coaching abilities.