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Backyard Sports Programs

Sports Camp Coaching

Sports Camp Coaching Philosophy

USSI is dedicated to the well being and development of all children that attend our programs.  We ensure all children have a great time learning the activity in which they are participating.

The Underpinning Principles of all programs are:

  • Safety, Learning & Enjoyment
  • Educate & inspire all players
  • Maximum participation
  • Structured and progressive learning
  • Develop positive attitudes

All of our coaches and staff adhere to the same coaching philosophy, which is made up of the 5 key components below.

4 Key Components Of All USSI Camps


Players play for enjoyment. All sessions are light hearted and fun but do not lose sight of the goals and objectives.

Maximum Activity

All practices and games avoid players having to stand in lines and watch for long periods. Activities are innovative and all coaches follow the USSI curriculum which promotes maximum activity for all.


Children of all ages respond to positive encouragement and enthusiasm. All coaches will establish a trusting relationship with the children they work with.  A high level of enthusiasm can be seen from all staff throughout the week.


Our coaches are qualified to identify the stronger and weaker players within the groups they are working with.  It does not matter how experienced your child is in sports, all sessions will challenge the more developed player and the least developed player so both feel they have achieved success.