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US Sports Institute & Healthy Lifestyle

In today’s society of fast food, soft drinks and video games, it is only too important to realize the endless benefits of exercise and sport in creating foundations of a healthy lifestyle.

Recent studies have shown that over 17% of our children aged 2 – 19 years are overweight and Type II Diabetes in young people has tripled since the 1980’s, as trends demonstrate, these percentages are only likely to increase without realization and education into the subject.

The US Sports Institute is here to help!


US Sports Institute Commitment to a Healthy Lifestyle

As the premier provider of sports camps on the North East Coast the US Sports Institute is dedicated and focused upon delivering high energy, low intensity, fun and varied activities for all children. Throughout a week on camp children will benefit from muscle testing explosive sports, lung expanding aerobic sports, socially enhancing team sports and cognitively challenging logistic games, which together encompass all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. The best part is… the campers are having so much fun that they don’t even realize all this is happening to their bodies!

The USSI inclusive coaching styles encourage all ages, abilities and personalities to participate in as many sports and activities that we can fit into a week. These healthy, non-competitive sports are coupled with regular water breaks to maintain hydration and structured snack and lunch times to balance energy levels throughout an exercise filled week.

As well as getting the chance to test their body, campers have the opportunity to exercise their mind through tactical planning with their peers, overcoming challenges set by the coach to enhance social skills.

US Sports Institute’s belief in promotion of an overall healthy lifestyle is the corner stone to our curriculum and delivery techniques. Is our aim to enhance knowledge of general health through varied physical experience as well as developing a knowledge of healthy lifestyle choices.

Healthy Kids Checklist

  • Daily Exercise
  • Good Food Choices
  • Variety of Sport
  • Encouragement
  • Plenty of Water
  • Make it Fun
  • Let Them Play!
  • Educate Children
  • Vary Kids Activities
  • Balanced Diet