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Backyard Sports Programs

Sports Squirts Common Questions

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Parent & Me Only: Can I play while holding a young child / baby?

Due to this program being a parent & me program, we require you to be fully involved in the class. Therefore if you do have a young child or baby, we suggest asking a friend or family member to watch them while you play.

Parent & Me Only: I am pregnant, is the class physical?

It’s not super physical, you are in more of an encouraging/assisting role. However, there would be bending up and down involved to pick up equipment etc, but that’s probably similar to everyday life with a 2-3 year old! You would potentially be on your feet for 45 minutes, however if you needed a break at any point, then that’s totally fine!

Parent & Me Only: Do I need to have played before / Do I need to be athletic?

Not at all. Our sessions are based around fun and learning, with you assisting your child in their social and sporting development. There is no requirement for you, or your child to be athletic or have any experience in sport.

Parent & Me Only: Do I need to join in?
Yes. All of our classes are specifically tailored for you and your child.
At such a young age, we feel parent interaction is not only important, but essential to your child's development. And it means you get to play all of the fun games too!
Parent & Me Only: Will the coach show us what to do?

Yes. All classes will be directed by a fully qualified coach, who use our Parent & Me curriculum to ensure your child enjoys a series of games and activities that have been designed to promote learning and fun.

Is Sports Squirts good for my child?

Yes! Every sport played during Sport Squirts promotes the development of gross & fine motor skills, encourages peer group interaction, develops communication skills and is an excellent form of exercise. All activities take place in a low pressure environment and are non competitve - every child is a winner with Sports Squirts!

What if my child has never played before?

No problem! For many participants, Sports Squirts is their first introduction to sport.

Our qualified staff ensure that all ability levels are catered for and every child receives the individual attention they deserve.

Can friends be in the same group?
If the children are close in age then absolutely yes. In all of our programs, providing the age and ability of the friends is similar, we try to place friends together if requested.

We have found from past programs that being with a friend or family member can increase confidence, interaction and overall enjoyment.
Do I have to stay with my child?

That depends upon the age of your child and the length of the program. Parents/guardians are required to remain throughout the entire program if BOTH of the following criteria are true:

1. Your child is 6 or under

2. The program is 1 hour or less in duration (per day).

Parents required to stay at the program should be located immediately next to the playing area and be able to supervise their children for water breaks, bathroom breaks or if their child leaves the coaches' playing area at any time.

Who will coach my child?

USSI trainers are fully qualified sports coaches who have a background in teaching & education. Our staff receive program specific training in order to get the very best out of each Squirt.

We pride ourselves on providing multiple sport experiences in such a way that we can optimize the learning and development of each participant.

How are groups determined?

When there are large programs which allow multiple groups then the Squirts will be split by age. On smaller programs with only enough squirts for one group all ages will participate together.

Can I get a discount on the class fee?

There are several ways in which you can save money on camps and classes:

1. Register as part of our Group Discount Program. Group Discount Information

2. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest sales, contests, and special offers!

Do I have to provide equipment?

No, the US Sports Insitute provides all equipment for class. All you need to provide is plenty of water, and lots of energy!

What sports will we play?

You will learn the basic fundamentals in sports such as soccer, lacrosse, t-ball, track & field and parachute games. All games and activities are designed to promote a safe, learning environment while having fun!

Can I register more than one child?
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Yes of course you can! However, for Parent & Me Squirts classes, due to the nature of the class and to gain maximum participation from your child, we require one adult per child for the classes. Maybe a family member, babysitter, neighbor or older sibling (we recommend aged 8 years and up) can help.

Remember if your child is aged 3-5, they can attend one of our Sports Squirts classes, which do not require any adult assistance.

My child isn't old enough yet. Can I still register?

If your child will be turning the appropriate age during the season the session is taking place, they can enroll; if not you will have to wait until the next session, sorry!

We offer Parent & Me classes for children aged 2-3, Sports Squirts for children aged 3-5, and Senior Squirts for ages 5-8.

What happens if we can’t make a session?

If a session goes ahead as scheduled and you are unable to attend, we do not provide any compensation or allow you to make up any missed time by attending any session other than the one you are registered for - this is due to insurance and liability purposes. If your child misses a class due to illness, we will issue a credit voucher to compensate upon receipt of medical documentation.

What do I need to bring to class?

Your child will need plenty of water and lots of energy. For outdoor classes you should ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather conditions, including sun screen, hats, or rain jackets as needed. All other equipment will be provided, with the exception of T-Ball Senior Squirts where participants are required to bring their own glove. We also recommend shin guards for Soccer Senior Squirts.

Please pay special attention to providing your child with plenty to drink; if in doubt, over estimate!

What is the difference between Parent & Me and Squirts?

The main difference, is you!

Our Parent & Me classes are for children who are younger and therefore need more direction in following instructions and understanding games. With you playing as well, this gives your children more confidence to participate, learn, and have fun!

Sports Squirts encourages participation for children aged 3-5 without parent help.

What happens if my child does not want to play?

Our coaches are trained to encourage children to take part in the session. However, the best way we find to get your child to play, is for you to play first. Once they see how much fun it is, they will want to join in! But don’t worry if this isn’t working, sometimes it takes the first week for your child to feel comfortable, we encourage you to give it another try, as in our experience the children often come round.

My child is 3, should I do Parent & Me or Squirts?

This is entirely up to you as you know your child best. The Parent & Me program has more of a focus on the parent relaying the activities to the children. However, the Squirts program requires your child to follow instructions directly from the coach and interact with other children, while you sit and watch from the sidelines. So please judge your child’s character and decide which is best.

My child is 4 but very shy, can I do Parent & Me?

No, unfortunately, all our Parent & Me programs are for ages 18 months to 3.5 years only. Try either a Parent Assisted program instead (for ages 2.5 to 4.0) or try out one of our Sports Squirts programs for ages 3-5.

My child isn’t quite 2, can they join in?

If your child will be turning 2 during the season the session is taking place, they can enroll; if not you will have to wait until the next session, sorry!

What comes after Squirts for my child?

US Sports Institute provides progressive, developmental coaching for all age groups. When your child has graduated from one class, there's always a level to move on to.

Once your child is too old for Sports Squirts, the next step is our Senior Squirts programs for ages 5-8.

Once your child has graduated Senior Squirts, you can register your child for a Foundation or Development class.

What if it rains?

We try not to cancel programs, but sometimes Mother Nature just gets in our way! In this case, please do not call! Instead, bookmark where we post the most up to date information regarding rain outs, snow or heat advisory cancelations.

Please do not call our regular office number for rain out information as the web site is typically updated remotely from staff closer to the actual sites. Thanks! More information on our weather policy.

Am I allowed to tip my coach?
Yes of course! If your child had a great time on a USSI camp or class, then feel free to tip or thank your coach personally.