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Backyard Sports Programs


The US Sports Institute has many ways to save you money!

  • US Sports Institute Offers
Gift Certificates - NOW AVAILABLE
The perfect gift for any child for the holidays, birthdays, or any celebration. To purchase today simply give us a call at (732) 357-0691 and a dedicated Customer Service Associate will assist you.
We can deliver the gift to the recipient on your behalf via an email or a gift card in the mail, or we can just deliver it to you... Just in time for the holidays!

Community Parent & Group Discount Programs
Our Community Parent & Group Discount Programs provide you with a chance to have your child attend a sports class or camp for free, or just earn extra cash for your pocket! These programs allows for savings opportunities for the organizer, as well as anyone you share your coupon code with.

Discount Codes
All of our discount codes are also posted around our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so check back regularly!