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Backyard Sports Programs

Summer Camp FAQ

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What does my child need to bring?

All campers are required to arrive in sports appropriate clothing and footwear, with sun protection i.e. cap and sunscreen and plenty of water/fluids to last the day. Campers on half day camps should bring a snack; campers on full day camps must bring a bagged lunch and a few snacks.

Children attending any soccer or field hockey program should wear shin guards.

Does my child need to provide equipment?

All equipment for USSI camps is provided, with the exception of Tennis and T-Ball - Senior Squirts. For Tennis Camps, children are required to bring their own racket (Tennis Squirts rackets will be provided). For T-Ball - Senior Squirts, children must provide their own glove. Children attending any soccer or field hockey program should wear shin guards.

For all other camps, the equipment is provided for you. However feel free to bring your favorite lacrosse stick or soccer ball to your class if you would like!

What will my child learn?

At Multi Sports Camp, your child will learn the rules and fundamental skills in each sport played throughout the week and have the opportunity to showcase their skills in a scrimmage. Aside from the actual technical sports instruction, each camper will experience an atmosphere that promotes positive values, good sportsmanship and teamwork.

At any single-sport camp, your child will receive instruction in the sport of their choice. For more information about sport-specific curriculum, please select your sport of choice from our Summer Camps menu. 

My child has been to your camp before, will they learn anything new?

Yes! Our curriculum is designed to adapt to each individual age group allowing children to experience different skills which enable them to progress and become more accomplished at each sport throughout the years in which they participate on the program.

Does my child need specialist sport experience to attend?
No. Our camps are open to children of all sporting backgrounds and campers will be placed into age and ability appropriate groups.  The curriculum for all programs is designed to suit all participation levels to ensure that children from beginner to experienced have the opportunity to play sports in a positive, developmental and fun learning environment.
Who will my child be grouped with?
Campers will be divided into age appropriate groups, typically 10 campers per group, with one coach being responsible for each group.  Groups will be co-ed.  Any camper who shows to be an outstanding sports person will be given the option to move to a group which will challenge them sufficiently throughout the week.  If participants wish to be grouped with a friend it can be arranged provided participants are of similar ages.
What is the World Cup?

World Cup is a fun-based competition which takes place for the end session of each day on our Multi Sports Camp.  Campers are broken down into World Cup teams in which they will do sporting challenges and play games in a number of sports against other World Cup Teams. There will be teamwork games, questions and other challenges which players can complete to win points for their team. The World Cup competition is designed to allow all players to contribute throughout the week.

What sports will my child play on a multi sports camp?
Your child will learn up to 16 of the following sports:

Bocce, Baseball, Basketball, Field Games, Flag Football, Hockey, Handball, Lacrosse, Olympic Events, Pilo Polo, Soccer, Softball, as well as play in the World Cup Competition.

Can my child be in the same group as their friends?
We cannot make those arrangements ahead of time. Please talk to the co-ordinator about this on the first day, and they will do their best to accommodate all requests. Please note if children are the same age they are typically grouped together.
What happens if it rains?

We try not to cancel programs, but sometimes Mother Nature just gets in our way! In this case, please do not call! Instead, bookmark where we post the most up to date information regarding rain outs, snow or heat advisory cancelations. If your program has an indoor location, this information will also be located on our Weather Alerts page.

Please do not call our regular office number for rain out information as the web site is typically updated remotely from staff closer to the actual sites. Thanks! More information on our weather policy.

What happens on very hot days?
We take all precautions to protect your child from the sun. Children are advised to wear hats, and bring sunscreen, which your child's coach will remind your child to apply frequently throughout the day. Water breaks are essential and will be taken every 10-15 minutes on very hot days to avoid dehydration and heat stroke. Also there will be shade provided to allow children to sit under and cool off. If the State issues a heat advisory, action will be taken, and all information will be posted on our website.
Can the coach apply sunscreen to my child throughout the day?
Coaches are not permitted to apply sunscreen to children, however, they can remind children to apply it. Please ensure your child is supplied with adequate sun protection.
Is lunch provided?
No.  Please provide your child with a bag lunch, snacks and plenty of fluid to keep them going throughout the day. We recommend at least 1 gallon (4 liters) of water, and no soda or sugary drinks.
Do you provide transportation to camp?

No. The parent or guardian is expected to drop off/pick up the child punctually to and from camp.

If your child will be picked up by a relative or friend, or allowed to walk home from camp, a note will be required.

Do you provide any after care at the end of camp?
No. We do not provide any care before or after the stated camp times, as the coaches often have to leave the field to get to another location.
Can I bring the health forms my child is required to submit to the field?
No. The State requires that all health forms must be submitted prior to the start of the camp. Please submit all forms at the time of your registration.
Am I allowed to tip my coach?
Yes of course! If your child had a great time on a USSI camp or class, then feel free to tip or thank your coach personally.