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Backyard Sports Programs

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Which tennis class is right for my child?

Prior to the start of each season, we happily welcome calls and emails often asking the question, "Which tennis class should I choose for my child?" To ensure you have all of the answers you need, we've complied the following overview of each class type along with whom it is designed for.

Tennis Squirts:
Beginner level: No previous playing experience necessary.

Beginner to intermediate level: Little or no previous playing experience necessary.

Intermediate level: Some knowledge and recreational playing experience necessary. Players should be able to perform a consistent 4-ball rally, must be able to demonstrate the basic techniques of forehand, backhand, volley and serve. We recommend that players complete at least two seasons of USSI Foundation Tennis before considering the Development level.

High intermediate/advanced level: Previous playing experience required. Players should be able to rally consistently for an extended period of time, be able to demonstrate proper technique in all fundamental strokes and hold a good understanding of court coverage and rules of the sport. We recommend that players complete at least two seasons of USSI Development Tennis before considering the Advanced level.