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Summer Job FAQs

Click on the tabs below to find the answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding summer employment.

What if I have other questions?

If you want to know anything else and you can't find it online, feel free to contact our HR team by clicking here.

What training / orientation do I receive?
The USSI orientation is the most important week of the summer. All new staff will spend their first week in orientation. USSI is the only camp provider in the US that spends a full week orientating and educating new coaches.  We pride ourselves on the lengths we go to in order to enable our staff to perform to the levels that we expect of a USSI coach. You will take part in a mock multi-sport camp and be coached in the manner we expect from our staff. You will play all of the sports we coach on camp, and you will also learn the curriculum's for our sport specific camps. By the end of orientation we're confident that you'll possess all of the tools that you need for a successful summer!

In addition to the orientation giving you all the information and tools needed to be a successful coach it's also a great way to meet your fellow coaches and get acclimatized to the US.

What are the flight details?

You are required to secure roundtrip airfare to and from the United States. Typical points of entry are Newark Liberty International (EWR) and John F. Kennedy International (JFK). You must arrive prior to the orientation dates. Confirmation of your flight booking must be provided no later than 60 days from the camp start date.

What costs do I need to pay?

These are the initial costs you will be required to pay:

1. Program Fee
Every coach needs a J1 Visa to work in the US for the summer; USSI will process this visa for you. The cost of obtaining the J1 Visa is £199. This fee can be paid in two easy installments.

2. Security Deposit
You are required to pay a £225 security deposit. This deposit is fully refundable upon completion of contract.

3. Third Party Fees
The following fees must be paid directly by the employee and are not included in the program fee:
a) ACPO Police Background Check, £45
b) US Embassy Visa Processing Fee, $160 (exchange rate to GBP will apply)
c) Medical Examination. This is only necessary in some instances. Fees vary by physician.

4. Flights
You'll need to secure round trip airfare to and from the United States. In the past we've seen staff secure this for as little as £300 - but we suggest you book as early as possible to beat any price increases.

5. Hidden Fees
There aren't any, we tell you everything up front so there are no surprises!

You won’t find a better value anywhere if you’re looking for a US summer camp coaching job. We keep our application fees as low as possible to ensure that the best applicants always find their way to USSI!

What do I receive from USSI?

1. Visa Processing
USSI will collate necessary paperwork, and process your visa for you.
2. Salary
All first year coaches will receive $170 per week. Returning coaches will receive a higher wage dependant on the number of years returning.
3. Transport
USSI provides all transport for camps and pays for all work related petrol (you'll be assigned a gas/petrol card). In addition, you are permitted to use company vehicles for personal use as long as you stay within a 25 mile radius of your accommodation.
4. Housing
Provided for entire work contract (shared room in a house/apartment/dorm). You only need to provide your own bedding!
5. Medical & baggage insurance
As part of your program fee, you receive medical insurance coverage while in the US, and limited baggage insurance.
6. Cell Phone

Provided for work related matters only.
7. Coaching Kit
Full coaching uniform, equipment and coaching manual is provided.Your total compensation package = $4240

How do I obtain a work visa?

USSI will help you collate & submit the necessary paperwork to our partner company, who will then process your visa paperwork for you. There are a few steps you have to go through to successfully obtain the visa, including attending an appointment at the US Embassy in your home country. You will be guided through this by our knowledgeable support team.

What dates will the contract run from and to?
We offer two unique contracts to fit your availability. Our full summer contract would allow you to work with us between Mid June and the end of August, and our half summer contract (useful for those of you attending graduation or with early summer commitments) runs between late July and the end of August.
What work will I be assigned when I’m in the States?
Every member of our summer staff will coach on our flagship multi-sport programs. These run every week of the summer and provide children with the opportunity to learn over 15 sports in one week.
In addition to this, each coach will also specialize in one of our sports specific evening camps which run from between 4pm and 7.30pm, Monday through Friday.

If you were hired as a sports specific coach then you’ll work on your relevant sports specific camp if there’s one geographically close to you on a given week; if not, you’ll likely be assigned to a multi sport camp.
How many days of the week will I work?
Part of the USSI experience is that your weekends are typically 'free' which will allow you the time to experience the USA.  Monday to Friday is our standard working week and typically Saturday is a free day to with as you please.  Some time on Sunday is used to make your practice runs to the camp you have been assigned to for the week, and also to meet with your line manager to discuss logistics and details for your upcoming camp assignment.
What sports programs & camps do USSI offer?
Regardless of the coaching job you obtain, there may be opportunities to coach on other sports camps. Let us know during your interview or orientation if you have skill sets in other sports.

Multi-Sports: Our week-long day program offers children to opportunity to learn over 15 different sports during the course of the week.
Sports Squirts: Our ever popular 'Squirts' program offers children aged 3-5 the opportunity to learn 5 different sports within a week.
Soccer Camps: Typically run through our sister company, United Soccer Academy, camps and programs are offered for all ages and ability levels.
Tennis Camps: Beginner to Advanced level of Tennis instruction based on our USTA approved Tennis curriculum.
Golf Camps: The 'SNAG' golf program designed for the beginner player, allows them to learn the basics of the game in a safe, controlled environment.
Lacrosse Camps: Beginner to Intermediate lacrosse tuition provides the opportunity to learn the game for all ages and abilities
Field Hockey Camps: These camps are becoming more popular, providing children with more access to this sport. Field Hockey is typically a female only sport in the US. 
Volleyball Camps: Introductory level volleyball camps.
Flag Football Camps: Another up-and-coming camp specific sport, flag football is becoming increasingly popular.
Where in the States will I be working?

US Sports Institute have staff bases during the summer in the following six states: New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida and Pennsylvania. We also run programs in other states and if you’re assigned to one of these for a week you will be housed in a hotel for a week. These are great opportunities to see other parts of the US. Although we accept requests, we cannot guarantee the location you’ll be assigned. Accommodations are comprised of houses, apartments and university dormitories. You will be required to share a bedroom with another staff member.

When you first fly to the US you may either be transported directly to your final accommodation base, or to a central site for orientation. After the orientation has been completed you will then be moved to your permanent accommodation base. Refer to the orientation question for more details on this.

Who will I be living with?

You will be living in houses, apartments or university dorms with other coaches (you need to provide your own bedding). These accommodations also typically house management staff, who will be your point of contact for the duration of your time working for USSI. You will be required to share a bedroom with another coach.

Unlike many companies, we do not place you with 'host' families where you live in someone elses residence for the duration of the camp, nor do you ever have to live with the children that you are coaching. You time off, is actually time off!



Can I see other parts of the US when I am working here?

In addition to the six main states that we base our staff in, US Sports Institute runs programs in Rhode Island, Maryland, Delaware, New Hampshire, Maine and Virginia. You may be required to work on a 'stay away' program which would give you the opportunity to visit some of our outlying locations.

Will I be required to drive when I am in the States?

Yes.  Every coaching location you will attend requires you to drive to get there.

There is normally considerable driving time involved to get to all coaching venues. You can normally expect to drive 30-60 minutes to most coaching locations.


Can I travel after camp has finished?
Yes.  A large number of our staff take the opportunity to travel after camp has finished. As we are located in the North-East of America, there are an abundance of sights to take in within a short distance, and your visa allows an extended travel time to make the most of your summer experience. J1 visas typically last for 30 days after your contract expires. Previous coaches have visited places as far afield as California, Nevada & Florida. Just be sure not to miss your flight home!
Are longer term jobs available?

Yes. We are constantly looking for positive, career minded people to help improve and develop the company. There are full time positions that range from 8 month and up for suitable candidates with relevant degrees and experience. A strong background in either kindergarten age coaching, soccer coaching or tennis coaching is also required as our coaching switches focus in the spring, fall and winter.

In addition to coaching positions, there is also the possibility of management positions and hybrid coaching/management positions. Please see our long term coaching jobs page for full details.

How do I apply?

It’s simple, just fill out our online application form here and we’ll be in touch.