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Summer Camps Greenpoint, NY

Summer Camps Greenpoint, NY & Sports Classes

Summer sports camps in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY and year-round sports classes and recreation are provided by the US Sports Institute.

Greenpoint Summer camps and sports classes are designed for all ability levels and players aged 2-14. For more information, or to register for summer camps and sports in this area, please click on the following search which represents our current Greenpoint, NY summer camp and sports class offerings.

Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Lacrosse, Multi Sports, T-Ball, Golf & more are available as summer camps or spring, fall & winter classes. 



Additional Camp & Class Information NY


About our summer camps & sports classes

A Multi Sport Camp offers children aged 5-14 the chance to try over 15 sports from around the world during one week of camp.

A Single Sports Camp lets players specialize in the sport of their choice: Soccer Camps, Tennis Camps, Golf Camps, Lacrosse Camps plus many more!

A Sport Squirts Camp is designed to allow our youngest participants aged 3-7, to develop in a safe, fun packed sports environment.

A Parent & Me Camp is our new program for 2-5 year olds to experience a variety of sports with their mom or dad.