Our aim is to make fundraising an easy process for you. It's truly a no risk, win-win for both parties!


  • You help promote an exisiting USSI camp or program in your community.
  • Your sports club benefits directly and immediately.


Get started today: Call our Sports Club Fundraising specialist, John Williams, on (732) 563-2527 or Click here   to complete a contact form.


1. Host your own camp

What do you have to do?

Work with USSI to help secure a suitable location to hold the camp (this could be your own field) and help promote the camp in your sports club and in the community. We pay all field fees, this program will cost you nothing!

What does USSI do?  

USSI will provide full administration for registrations, customer service, marketing and advertizing. During the week of the camp, USSI provides all coaches, equipment and ensures an unforgettable week for all participants. You have no need to be involved with the actual running of the camp, it's a turnkey operation!

What does my Sports Club recieve?

USSI donates a percentage of every registrant that attends the camp. The larger the camp, the higher the percentage donated back to your sports club. Earn up to $45 per registrant! 

View our examples sheet to see what your sports club could receive.

2. Referral Program

What do you have to do?

Distribute our literature, either by email or print, to your players that promotes existing camp programs that we are running in your area. We'll provide you with branded literature and a stock emails. All information will feature a code unique to your sports club. You basically have to send an email, that's it!

Do I have to endorse your camps?

No, you're simply providing a service to your members by emailing them a discount opportunity. Even if you currently offer camps within your sports club this program offers a benefit to both parents and the club.

What does my Sports Club receive:

Every time your code is used, your sports club receives $10. Parents are encouraged to use the code as they also receive a $10 discount for entering it during the registration process. 

View our examples sheet to see what your sports club could receive.


Why choose the Host a Camp Option?

  • Host programs just for your sports club, for your players.
  • You get to choose the camp weeks and types.
  • Get paid for every child that attends your camps.
  • Increase the presence of your club in the community and attract new players.
  • Host programs year-round to generate a constant revenue stream for your sports club.


Why choose the Referral Program Option?

  • Generate revenue every time your code is used.
  • Minimal involvement necessary from your club.
  • Players in your club receive a discounted camp fee.