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Preseason Basketball

USSI’s Preseason Basketball program is ideal for intermediate players looking to enhance their expertise on the court. Classes will focus on refinement of key skills including pass selection, decision making, ball handling, rebounding, defensive play and a variety of shooting techniques.

With structured guidance from US Sports Institute’s professional basketball coaches, each player will not only improve their skills as an individual, but will also learn the importance of efficient teamwork in a game realistic environment.

Preseason Basketball is an ideal skills sharpener for recreation or travel league play.


Preseason Basketball Details

When: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Age: 8-14
Ability: Intermediate, Advanced
Duration: Weekly classes & week long summer camps
Times: Typically 1 hour sessions; summer camps run up to 3.5 hours
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Other: Each player will receive a certificate.

Preseason Basketball Checklist

  • Ball Handling
  • Advanced Shooting
  • Team Play
  • Pass Selection
  • Defensive Tactics