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Non-US Applicant Interview Stages

The interview stages for Non-US Residents are outlined below:

STEP 1 - Application
Your details will be screened to determine your suitability for a coaching role at USSI.  Make sure that you give us plenty of information on your experience and qualifications, we receive thousands of applications every year!

STEP 2 - Invite to Webinar
Suitable candidates will be sent instructions to register for one of our online webinars, so you can learn everything about the position and life in the US. 

STEP 3 - Video Submission
After participating in the webinar, candidates will be required to send in a brief video, lasting no more than 4 minutes. You should aim to discuss your experiences, philosophies and motivations for wanting to work at US Sports Institute as well as answer the scenario questions that we will provide.

STEP 4 - Invite to Recruitment Event
Suitable candidates who have completed the above steps in a timely manner will be invited to attend one of our regional recruitment events in the UK.

STEP 5 - Attend Recruitment Event
This will involve company presentations, demonstrations by USSI staff, one to one interviews and peer to peer coaching. You will be responsible for your own travel arrangements to regional assessments. All final employment offers are subject to your attendance and satisfactory performance at our recruitment event.

STEP 6- Contract Offer and Visa Process 
You've made it, well almost!  Once you have signed your contract and collected all relevant documentation, we will begin your Visa process and you will attend and interview at the US Embassy. Once you are approved and have your passport returned, you will be flying out to join our coaching team in America!

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