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Backyard Sports Programs


SNAG Golf Equipment

Young players will experience greater success, understanding and ultimately have more fun using equipment that is specially designed for their age and ability. For all USSI golf programs, SNAG golf equipment is provided. Players will use clubs that have a greater surface area than the traditional golf club and balls slightly smaller than a tennis ball, all designed to allow children to be successful from the start. The SNAG golf equipment allows our coaches to simplify the learning process, focusing on a different shot in every session.




SNAG Golf Clubs

SNAG Golf Clubs

A traditional full set of golf clubs contains 14 clubs. The SNAG golf equipment simplifies this for young players, utilizing just 2 clubs: the Roller and the Launcher. The Launcher is used to drive, pitch and chip the ball. The Roller acts as a putter. For young children the correct grip can be difficult to master, however, the five-sided colored grip on the SNAG® clubs ensure players hold the club properly for every shot. All clubs are specifically designed to allow children to experience greater success and understanding of the game. Using oversized golf clubs, players will strike the ball more easily and consistently, leading to players having more fun!

SNAG Launch Pad

SNAG Launch Pad & Balls

For a young player the traditional golf ball and tee are too small to for them to effectively strike the ball. The Launch Pad acts like a tee, and all shots, except the putt are played off the portable pad. The SNAG  ball is slightly smaller than a tennis ball; this increased surface area, along with the specially designed tee allows players to strike the ball every time!

SNAG Snapper

SNAG Snapper

Used when learning the full swing, this encourages children to develop the correct hand action and timing of the swing.

SNAG Roller Brush

SNAG Roller Brush

When putting this provides players with the kinesthetic feedback they need to develop their technique.