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Backyard Sports Programs



  • We offer three unique and innovative ways for you to give value and reward your employees. 
  • All options require minimum effor on your part, but big rewards for you and your employees.


Get started today: Call our fundraising specialist, John Williams, on (732) 563-2527 or Click here  to complete a contact form.


1. Referral Program

We create customized literature (featuring a unique code) for you which details our programs for children aged 2-18. You distribute this literature (typically via email), to your employees. When your employee registers for a program they receive a discount for using the code. In addition, we also make a donation to you every time your code is used.

Employee Benefits

  • Discounted camp fees for their children.
  • Opportunity to attend programs with their work colleagues


Employer Benefits 

  • You have secured a discount for your employees.
  • Being a positive influence in your employees lives.
  • You generate revenue for your company.
  • Use the revenue for other staff initiatives, charitable donation, free camp scholarships or another use of your choice.


2. Host a Camp Option

Does your company have access to your own field at your site? If yes, we can host a camp there specifically for your employees! If no, you can still host your own camp; we’ll secure a nearby facility and the camp will still be branded with your company name. We do all the work and provide everything necessary, you just distribute literature!

Employee Benefits

  • Everything listed under the referral option, plus:
  • Drop their children at camp and pick them up after work.
  • Visit their children on camp during lunchtime.

 Employer Benefits 

  • Everything listed under the referral option, plus:
  •  Employee appreciation creates good will.
  • Increase employee satisfaction by hosting the camp.
  • Be seen to be promoting health in the community.

3. Sponsorship Options

(a) Directly sponsor a camp. Your employees receive the benefit of your sponsorship in the form of reduced camp fees.

(b) Sponsor the US Sport Institute. You will be allocated free camp scholarships (the number is dependent on the level of sponsorship) for you to either distribute to your employees in a manner of your choosing, or we’ll work with local Recreation Departments to distribute the scholarships to needy children in your company name. Call us to request our full sponsorship package options

About USSI

The US Sports Institute is the nation’s #1 sports camp provider offering children of all abilities and age groups the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports.

USSI offers over 3000 sports programs per year in both individual sports and multi sport formats with participants ranging from preschool to high schools ages.

Our full-time professional staff is highly motivated, first-aid trained and background checked. We carry comprehensive insurance and offer professional, turn-key camp solutions.

Our business is sports provision and education.