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High School Development Tennis

USSI's High School Development Tennis classes are designed for players aged 14-18 and who compete at an intermediate to advanced playing level.

Players will work towards refinement of fundamental technique while developing a thorough tactical knowledge of both the singles and doubles game. Advanced shots - including top spin, slice, lobs, and drop shots - will be introduced, expanding each player's ability to perform point winning groundstrokes during match play situations. On-court conditioning, speed and agility work will be incorporated into each class.

What playing level is required to participate in High School Development Tennis?
To participate in High School Development Tennis, participants should be able to demonstrate a controlled forehand and backhand technique, a consistent basic serving action, and have some understanding of the rules of the sport. Players do not need to be affiliated with a High School Tennis team, although team players are welcome to join the class.


HS Development Tennis Details

When: Spring, Summer and Fall
Age: 14-18
Ability: Development, Advanced
Duration: Weekly classes and week long summer camps
Times: Typically 1 hour sessions; Summer camps can run up to 3.5 hours per day
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Players must provide own racket

HS Development Tennis Checklist

  • Stroke Refinement
  • Advanced Shots
  • Consistent Serving
  • Full Match Practice
  • Tennis Conditioning