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Tennis Coaching

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USSI is delighted to announce our affiliation with the US Tennis Association (USTA) and are proud to offer your family developmental tennis programs that cater for all age groups and ability levels. Classes are offered in the spring, summer, fall and winter (facility dependant).

Following guidelines set out by the USTA; including the highly acclaimed 10 and Under Tennis format, the US Sports Institute offers tennis classes for four tiers of ability to ensure all participants play and learn at the appropriate level. Using racquets, balls and courts appropriately sized for players based on their age, participants will experience success and enjoyment from start to finish.

With the ultimate goal of creating a consistent, well rounded player, USSI has produced a range of innovative curriculums designed to progress all tennis players from beginner through advanced level; Parent and Me Tennis Squirts, First Play Tennis, Development Play Tennis, Premier Play Tennis and Adult Tennis.

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Tennis Details

Where: Various locations
When: Spring, summer, fall & winter
Age: 3-adult
Ability: Beginner - Advanced
Duration: Weekly classes & week long summer camps
Times: Typically 1 hour sessions
Cost: Starting as low as $75
Other: Each player will receive a certificate. Racquets are provided for Tennis Squirts ages 3-5 ONLY.

Tennis Checklist

  • Grip
  • Hand/Eye Coordination
  • Shot Technique
  • Movement & Footwork
  • Strategies & Tactics
  • Fun, fun, and more fun!