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Summer Staff Testimonials

Summer Employment with the US Sports Institute combines the opportunity to coach a multitude of sports with the chance to explore a new country and experience a new culture. Take a look at what our past staff think of USSI:

"Working for the US Sports Institute has enabled me to vastly expand my knowledge of a variety of different sports in a fun filled, laid back environment. Not only have I been able to develop my sports coaching skills, but I believe the opportunity to work and live in a new country has enabled me to enhance key life skills, such as leadership, organization and communication."
Sally Arthur

"The time I have spent for the past three summers working for the US Sports Institute have been amazing. The experiences and enjoyment of the camps gave me the opportunity to improve immensely as a coach. Through coaching a wide range of sports it has enabled me to further my knowledge and keep developing my skills. The weekends also offer you the chance to visit America or just relax and enjoy the time off. Overall it is a fantastic way to spend the summer!"

Joe Durham
"The past two summers working with USSI have been hard work but fun and enjoyable. I've made good friends from both years and would do it again next summer. I recommend it to anyone who wants to gain coaching experience and/or wants to spend their summer in the states."
Sallie Irwin

"This was without a doubt the best summer of my life!"
Neill Brown

"I've had the time of my life working for the USSI. Not only has this opportunity allowed me to learn how to coach a number of different and varied sports, but it has also changed my whole coaching philosophy...where if your having fun then the children are too! Its a truely amazing experience, where no one day is the same. The experience is infused with fun on and off the sports field, enabling me to explore the US, meet some awesome people, and make friends for life!!"
Steph Bardell
"A top company to work for, very organized and professional. I was well looked after from day one."
Graham Jones

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time coaching with the US Sports Institute.  It has, personally, developed my coaching ability due to the variety and diversity of the sports that the children have the opportunity to participate in on a USSI camp.  I have made some life-long friends over the past 4 summers, furthermore, the free time during the weekends gave me the chance to travel and visit the extraordinary sights the US has to offer”. 
Calum Briggs