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USSI's unmatched selection of quality summer sports camps ensures we offer the perfect camp for every child. Summer sports camps are open to boys and girls aged 2-19 of all ability levels from beginner to advanced. We also offer adult programming.

Camps offered include our famous multi-sports camp, over 10 single-sport camp options and an entire range of Squirts programming for the younger player. Programs are typically offered in two timeframes: either as week-long camps or weekly summer classes. 

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Multi Sport Camps

Multi sports camps allow participants to try a variety of sports within the program rather than specializing on a single sport. 

  • Multi Sports Camp:  More Info | Ages 5-14
    USSI's famous camp where players experience over 15 sports in a week. 
  • Multi Sports Squirts:  More Info | Ages 2-8
  • A multi-sports experience for our younger players where they try a new sport every day. 
      • Pulse Multi Sports:  More Info | Ages 5-18
      • Pulse Camps feature premier facilities typically including swimming & lunch options.

  • Single Sports Camps

Single sports camps allow a participant to specialize in a sport of their choice for the entire program. 

    • Basketball
      The comprehensive basketball experience - improve technique, learn rules, and have fun!
    • Basketball Squirts, Ages 3-8 | Basketball Camps, Ages 5-14 | Pulse Basketball, Ages 7-18
    • Tennis
    • Summer tennis camps introduce a variety of techniques including forehands, backhands, volleys, and serves.
    • Tennis Squirts, Ages 3-5 | Tennis Camps, Ages 5-14 | Pulse Tennis, Ages 7-18
    • Soccer
    • Experience the excitement of the world’s most popular sport at one of our unrivaled Soccer Camp.
    • Soccer Squirts, Ages 2-8 | Soccer Camps, Ages 5-14 | Pulse Soccer, Ages 7-18 
    • Lacrosse
    • Learn the fundamentals of the nation's fasting growing sport, including passing, catching, cradling, and scooping.
    • Lacrosse Squirts, Ages 3-8 | Lacrosse Camps, Ages 5-14 | Pulse Lacrosse, Ages 7-18
    • Golf
    • Using award-winning SNAG (Starting New at Golf) equipment, learn key swings and develop proper technique.
    • Golf Squirts, Ages 4-8 | Golf Camps, Ages 5-14 | Pulse Golf, Ages 5-18
    • T-Ball
    • Introduce your young slugger to the game of baseball or softball at one of our T-Ball camps.
    • T-Ball Squirts | ages 2-8
    • Cricket
    • Summer cricket camp introduces a wide range of skills throughout the week including bowling, fielding and batting.
    • Cricket Camps | ages 7-14
    • Field Hockey
    • Players will develop their technique in dribbling, passing, and shooting.
    • Field Hockey Camps | ages 5-14
    • Flag Football
    • Focusing on the rules of the game, players will develop their skills in passing, receiving, and deflagging.
    • Flag Football Camps | ages 5-14
        • Rugby
        • Summer rubgy camp introduces a wide range of skills including lateral passing, deflagging and ball control.
        • Rugby Camps | ages 5-14
        • Volleyball
        • This camp is designed for players who want to improve their skills, or who simply want a fun week learning to play.
        • Volleyball Camps | ages 6-14
        • Track & Field
        • This camp introduces a wide range of athletic skills throughout the week including running, jumping, and throwing.
          Track & Field Squirts, ages 3-8 | Track & Field Camps, ages 5-15