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US Sports Institute Camp Safety

Safety has always been our number one priority for all US Sports Institute, Inc programs. Our extensive training program, encourages our staff to bring out the best in the children they coach, enabling them to have the maximum amount of fun in the safest possible environment we can create.

We will NOT compromise child safety on a US Sports Institute camp.

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Camp Safety

Safety on Camp

USSI has systems in place to ensure the safety of children on our programs.  At the start of every camp or program, a USSI program coordinator will address the camp as a whole to talk through ALL safety issues. Every USSI coach is then responsible for their own group during the week. The coordinator is responsible for all groups and will ensure that safety is not compromised.

Each coach will keep a group attendance form, with a list of the children in his/her group. This form is used to sign in and out children for the rest of the week.  The camp coordinator will monitor the overall sign in/out procedure.  Children will always be supervised when taking water / bathroom breaks.

Under no circumstances will a child be allowed to leave camp unattended.
Arrival & Departure

All campers are signed in when they arrive to camp – children should always be escorted by  a parent or guardian to their coach.  Children will only be signed out of camp when their parent/guardian comes to collect them; again, for safety reasons, we request that parents come to the coaches to collect their children as we will not release children to leave unattended and make their own way to parent's cars in parking lots.

Our staff will stay with any child not collected promptly from camp. No child will be allowed to go home with anyone other than the parent/guardian who drops them off (e.g. walk home with a friend, leave by themselves) unless the camp coordinator receives a written note from the parent/guardian prior to the start of camp.

Camp Ratios
USSI camp ratios are typically 10:1 or 12:1 dependant on age.  For our younger participants (Sport Squirts) group ratios are typically 8:1.  All USSI camps have a coordinator who monitors the dynamics and safe running of the program.

Camp Staff

All staff employed by USSI undergo a thorough criminal background check.  Staff employed from overseas (UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa etc)  all hold valid visas to work in the United States. US Sports Institute has a thorough interview process to ensure that all coaches are suitable to work with all levels of children.  All camp coordinators have been trained in CPR and First Aid.

All equipment used on camp is checked daily by the camp coordinator to ensure it is safe to use. USSI only uses sports safe equipment on all of it’s programs.  If any sports require additional safety measures (shin guards, mouth guards, helmets, gloves), USSI staff will ensure that all children are wearing the appropriate item.